Radio Facts: Wild Wings Update on 25 Black Patrons Asked to leave Restaurant Two Years ago 3
Two years ago 25 black patrons were asked to leave Wild Wings restaurant North Charleston. An employee of the restaurant contacted in August 2013 to respond to charges that the 25 black patrons were racially discriminated against. We have been contacted several times for an update of what happened. This is what the North Charleston wild wings posted on their Facebook page June 30, 2015
“Wild Wing Cafe wants to reassure our loyal following that we are fully aware of the conversations surrounding our North Charleston location. Wild Wing Cafe proudly calls Charleston home and we are honored to play an important role in the community. Anything that compromises this connection to the community is taken seriously. Two years ago, we investigated all sides of the matter surrounding a customer concern at our North Charleston location. The issue has been fully resolved to the satisfaction of all parties involved. If you have any specific questions for the corporate office team, feel free to visit the Wild Wing Cafe website,, and you are welcome to follow-up with us through a direct message.”


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