Why Was Smooth Jazz Really Smooth R&B Anyway? Magic 107.5 Deputs in Atl

I remember listening to Smooth Jazz 107.5 when I lived in Atlanta and it was always “Smooth Jazz 107.5” but Luther Vand ross was not a Jazz artist neither was After 7 or Gerald Levert… I thought that perhaps the Radio Station was poorly programmed or perhaps they thought the listeners were just that stupid. The Radio Station literally put me to sleep at least the Wave in LA, ALSO not a “Smooth Jazz” Radio Station plays music a bit closer to the genre, from artists like Michael Franks and George Benson.The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports Magic 107.5 has taken over for Smooth Jazz 107.5 and syndicated hosts Steve Harvey and Michael Baisden will move over there soon. For a time, 102.5 and 107.5 will simulcast and mid-day syndicated talk-show hosts Warren Ballentine and Al Sharpton will soon go away. Is it me or does it appear that the Al Sharpton era is over now that Obama is president? The simulcasting has not started yet. In addition, the Radio Station is changing the spelling it might actually be named Majic. I agree with AJC’s Rodney Ho, Why change the spelling? The Radio Station is going to be competing with WALR, a Radio Station that for the life of me, I don’t understand how in the hell they can currently run neck and neck with V-103. It’s no secret the Radio DJs at WALR don’t make as much as the Radio DJs at V. Fook it, I am a “payist” a new word, I kill me. I believe if the Radio Station is running neck and neck with the top Radio Station and the top Radio Station is paying good money, WALR should at LEAST give the announcers a nice raise. ALR has been making an incredible move up the PPM scale and they are starting to spank that V103 ass…. It will be interesting to see how the new (well reformatted) Majic fairs as a third competitor.

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