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Why Viral Video of Black Father Beating Daughter is Abuse

A video of a man beating his 12-year-old daughter for being sexually active surely brings back memories to many black viewers of what it was like growing up and getting whippings as kids in the black community but it also makes you question, was it ever that brutal? To see this taking place in this video as an adult it also shines a light on how we were treated as slaves. In all fairness,  I have a strong disdain for people who physically abuse others.

The beating that this father administers to his daughter, in addition to tossing her around like a rag doll is nothing short of abuse. Why would you GIVE authorities a reason to arrest you as a black man on a silver platter? Should a parent be able to discipline his or her child? Of course, and it’s good to see that the girl has a father in the house and in her life but not at this price.

The beating is exessive (see below) and what will probably make the situation even more abhorrent to the girl and to viewers is the pure humiliation of her father taping it and putting it on social media. Who of us doesn’t know what it’s like to be in middle and high school and to have to go to school when other kids have seen this? In addition, he calls his daughter a ho in the video then beats the sh out of her without a doubt leaving whelps on her body. A school is required to report that.

These are the things that kids never forget but the added humiliation of everybody seeing it will have long term psychological effects on the girl. One is left to wonder what he hoped to accomplish by filming and posting it. Was he proud of what he did? Does he think this will inspire other parents to beat the sh out of their kids? Was he stressing the importance of a black man being in the house and taking care of his children? Or was he out to humiliate his daughter so that she would never do it again? ALL of those reasons for posting are simply wrong. It would be interesting to see their relationship 30 years from now when the shoe is on the other foot and he needs his daughter most.

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