What’s Killing American Business? Customer Service Depts..


Radio Facts:

If a judge gave me an option to a prison sentence: 30 days of hard prison time in a bacteria-infested smelly ass 4×4 cell or 30 days of dealing with American customer service reps over the phone, I would ask if I could at least have 3 meals a day in the cell and move in.My absolute greatest pet peeve in the world is having to deal with any kind of customer service. Yesterday was a prime example of why. UPS. Which I have renamed F-UPS which stand s for FOOK-UPS.I had an important package delivered from NY and the sender forgot to include my unit number. They sent it last Thurs and it should have been here Friday. F-UPS attempted to deliver but declined because there was no unit number and they said they would reattempt on Monday (yesterday). Both the sender and I called to confirm the unit number and all was well, we thought.   Now I had to wait the entire weekend as F-UPS will only attempt delivery once a day. I spent the entire day Monday waiting for the package that should have been deliverd on Friday and it was supposed to be


delivered by noon. When the package didnâ„¢t show up by noon, I called F-UPS and asked where it was, they told me the driver had attempted to deliver at 9:45 but there was no unit on the package ¦ WHAT? I told them we gave them the unit number on Friday several times and even confirmed it. They said they would reattempt the delivery on Tues. I told them Å“FOOK THAT, bring my package TODAY ¦  They told me if I continued to swear they would hang up on me. Then they told me they would attempt delivery again Monday (yesterday) and I had to wait until 8pm. It was all of 1:30 in the afternoon. I waited and waited and waited and at 5:30, the UPS truck came whirling past my unit to another part of the complex. I figured he must have had other deliveries. Then about 10 minutes later, I saw him leave. I called the F-UPS office again and they said, he attempted delivery and there was no unit number on the package. I slapped some chalk on my hand s, stood in the middle of the room and then started doing gymnastics in the office, bouncing off the walls, leaping and walking along the edge of the furniture with amazing percision as I cussed them out in at least 4 different languages. My blood pressure was thru the roof and I, thank God, donâ„¢t even have high blood pressure. They told me they were going to try to catch the driver and send him back out before he went back to the base.   At this point, I have given up, an hour later, F-UPS called and said the driver had deliverd the package but I was not at the unit. I was ready to light a pipe and huddle up with some neighborhood bums and smoke some crack. I   told them how in the fugdid you deliever a pacakge, Iâ„¢m right here. They told me they deliverd it to unit 1923 a unit on the other side of the complex, barely walking distance. I asked them where in the fugdid they get that number from and they said thatâ„¢s where the driver delivered it. Thatâ„¢s not the number we had been giving them. They told me someone signed for it. I went and finally found that unit and whoever it was was already gone but the sign was on the door. I took the sign and called F-UPS back and they told me the package was delivered to the main office, which closes at 6:00 pm. It was now 6:30. I went to the main office and fortunately there was someone there along with my package. But by that time, I was so stressed out, I could not even go to the gym. I probably could have waited another day for the package with no problem, but there was no way I was going to get up the next mornng and start this sh… all over again, this needed to be over MONDAY. I could seriously write an entire book about my nightmares dealing with customer service and to an extent, I regret that Obama wants to reroute these jobs back to America from India, even though there is a language barrier I actually get BETTER service when I call India for help. I had read an article last week where a man billed AT&T for keeping him on hold and wasting his time. He billed them a total of $5000.00 and they actually paid it. Perhaps there should be legislation to make the utility companies and customer service departments pay the consumer for their time when they fugup like this.


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