What Will Happen to Trumpism Without Trump?


Since the election it can be assumed most people are done with Trump.  Enough already with Bozo, the president.   It’s an overused topic and after the constant barrage of bungling by Krusty, the dictator-wannabe, people are ready for the unique and controversial.   Let’s wind down the clock on the reign of the worst leadership the world has ever seen (and that includes cavemen and penguins) and give this Age of Unreason the improper burial it deserves.    I agree, that’s why this is not about a man who gets aroused when his daughter enters the room, but the offspring he leaves behind – Trumpism.

Trumpism is more than Tangerine Man, who’s been wreaking havoc daily and will until he is evicted.   It transcends a Medieval-minded toddler who wants to “bring back firing squads” and render people fearful of his militia of misfit sissies and his call to “attack!”; like these Lil Rascals, emulating the mythical Santa these punks probably still believe in, are coming down chimneys to do battle.     It’s also not about another Million MAGA March where a hoard of thousands will appear.    

Nor is Trumpism a family affair, like the Kennedy and Bush clans.   Nobody is ever going to pursue the cockamamie policy of Eric or Ivanka, and the only place anybody would follow Don, Jr to is the dope house.   Trumpism might’ve began as deity formation for a fatheaded man who’s broken every Commandment with gusto and convinced a population that it was the heralding of the long-awaited New World Order.    However, he’s just the face they put on the flag.    Lincoln was The Great Emancipator.   Reagan The Great Communicator.   Trump will go down as the Great Exposer and Trumpism was the result.

Trumpism is a bedrock mass movement of the Manifest Destiny worshippers destined to remain in our culture such as the KKK and Neo-Nazis. It’s a last gasp for the segment who grew up dreaming of the day they could live like their grandparents and laud over the rest of society in word and deed.    So, let’s not dismiss it as a cult of crazy whiteys that attracts huge, prominent Hollywood stars (Scott Baio, Ricky Schroder).  

Trumpism revealed for even the most skeptical that we’ve all been wearing masks to conceal the simmering disdain we feel for each other moment by moment.  How many “friends” have you lost because of political (i.e. racial) disagreements?    Trumpism called forth the evil spirits in all superior mentality-minded Euro-descendants and summoned the warrior spirit of the long-oppressed races targeted for further societal interference.     Trumpism stripped us bare of all pretense and mass deceit.

Thank Trumpism as we lurch towards a Demolition Man existence of antiseptic sterility.  Ignorance and patriotism have warp speeded us into isolationism (“America First”).   It exposed that Evangelicals are not holy.   Christians are not Christlike and Karens say the N-Word outside of the bedroom.   Trumpism myth-busted the success prospect of genocide . . . I mean gentrification.  Trumpism forced 50 Cent to be reminded that he’s Black by his white woman and Omarosa to be reminded she’s still a Black by Secret Service.

No U S president has ever coalesced disciples who last past their terms.    They know they’re lucky they made it out alive and the best thing is to quietly live out their days in retirement on the taxpayer’s dime.    Donald J. Trump won’t either.      Once out of office, the Judas Effect will take hold as politicians and diehard Republicans will denounce him.  They’ll say they just want to go back to being the Grand Old Party again, missing that fact Trumpism is the Republican Party.   Always has been.  It’s the exact same racists.   They didn’t import new ones.  

Trumpism is our new Confederacy.   You can tear down all the statutes you want.   You’ll still hear the wallows of ‘Yee Haw” in the background.   Nowadays they say “Southern Pride” when they really mean the R-Word.   Same with Trumpism.   Whereas, any sucka wearing a red cap after January 21st should be subject to be pulled over, frisked, arrested and ass beaten on the way to the trash compactor or deported back to Europe as enemies of the state, in my book (Chapter 1, Page 1), they’ll claim they’re followers of Trumpism and demand their Constitutional rights.   Racists ain’t got no rights (Chapter 1, Page 2).

In any event, as generations pass, nobody is going to remember the chump who was baited into his fate (and ours) by a smooth-talking half-Kenyan at a dinner he had no business attending.   Marxism is a term thrown out daily, but how many people know a damned thing about Karl Marx?   So, welcome to our new normal where one day Donald Trump will take a dirt nap and become food for the worms, but also where that name will last longer in our vocabulary than the crumbling letters on his over-priced flop houses.  

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