What will Happen if Clear Channel Does file Bankruptcy?

I have been contacted by several people who work for Clear Channel asking me if I think the company really will file bankruptcy at the end of the year. My answer is yes.   I do think it will happen but bankruptcy can often mean reorganization it does not mean the company will completely clean house and eliminate all the employees. It certainly means cutbacks nonetheless. I would strongly suggest having a plan B. In addition, if there is one thing I have learned the hard way in life, everything is based on assurance and insurance. Have you ever noticed that when you DON’T have health insurance it is when you need it most? Assurance and Insurance work hand in hand . As long as you protect yourself and you believe in your skills, you will be fine. What does that mean? Do SOMETHING to progress to the next level instead of sitting idly by and anticipating the worst. Take a short course and get your license selling insurance or as a bartender or selling real estate (not the best example), or some kind of trade where you can get a certificate within a year. Community colleges offer certificate courses now all over the country where you can have a certificate in 6 months to a year. Do some research. You may even want to take a chance and start applying for other media jobs in your market or cold calling companies in your area and see if they are in need of a media person or a spokesperson for their company. You know your own strengths. If you choose to get a certificate or a degree, make sure it’s a field that’s recession proof.   In other words as long as you are working on something the chance of you being left out in the cold has dwindling possibilities.

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