Radio Facts: This is one of the most bizarre stories of the year. This 19 year old teenager in Dade County Fl was in his mother's back yard jacking off   (Who in the hell would do that with their mother at home? Didn't he have a bedroom?) … his mother looked out the kitchen window and saw him… (probably while she was flowering chicken in a paper bag and singing a church hymn) She yelled at him to stop… (isn't that something a mother should just…. IGNORE?). He put his sh… away went to the front of the house and rang the doorbell. Damn, didn't he have a key, maybe he was being polite? When his mother answered, he punched her in the face. (Now I KNOW you are not laughing at that)… you know I have a dark sense of humor but (are you laughing?) this story is ridiculous. I'm surprised they didn't say he Chris Brown'd her. She had him arrested and now the whole country knows..


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