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WHAT!!! 5 IGNORED Ways Urban Stations Can Make more Money with Station Sites

I constantly look at urban station websites and I must admit, I am seeing better and an increased effort to attract listeners HOWEVER, there are still some mishaps that need special attention.. and many revenue streams being completely . Here are just a few…

On many urban sites there is a myriad of content that is confusing and it’s just too much, the reader gets frustrated and clicks off. The flow of the first page is poor and there is no starting point. The first page should specifically be links and lead ins to links with pictures. Avoid a LOT of text. Include major banners here. Make them different sizes, shapes and colors so that they draw the viewers attention. : Putting the ads in a row and making them the same size.

2. banners? Affiliates?
Some stations have very good Alexa rankings (I will explain how to work this and search engine optimization in another article) it may take a minute but Google banners can pay very well. Mines started off as a free cup of coffee a week, now it’s about more than 50 cups of coffee a week. There are also many other affiliates that you can add but you have to be selective as this may affect your potential to approach the company on your own (will explain later).

3. Database Link?
Want to connect with your listeners? Do a give-a-way of some sort on line where they have to sign up. Don’t make it too complicated, just get the basic info that you need. Their age, city, who they listen to, suggestions, name, email address and permission to send them coupons etc.

4. Create a paper monthly newsletter and let them sign up for it online…
This is also a way to create a database. Include coupons and perhaps translate station celeb interviews for content.

5. Team up with the sales dept
….on ways readers can point and click on site and it can generate revenue for the station. Don’t just sell the company a sponsorship or a spot on the site work out payments based on clicks as well.

These are just a few of the most common ways to make more money with the stations website. If you have questions, feel free to email me
[email protected]

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