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Westwood One’s “Rick and Sasha” Interview Attorney Gerald Griggs who Represents Joycelyn Savage’s Family Against R. Kelly

radiofacts.comIn an effort to clear his name, embattled singer R. Kelly appeared on CBS This Morning yesterday for an exclusive and ultimately heated interview with co-host Gayle King.

Part two of the CBS interview aired this morning when King interviewed Kelly’s two girlfriends, Jocelyn Savage and Azriel Cleary. The women defended Kelly and claimed that their families are making up lies for money.

Today Kelly is in jail for failing to pay child support, an issue that was addressed when Westwood One’s Rick and Sasha interviewed Kelly’s ex-wife Andrea on January 15. (see video below)

This morning, Rick and Sasha were on top of the news again, interviewing attorney Gerald Griggs, who is representing the family of Jocelyn Savage, and who held a press conference yesterday. Following the press conference, Joycelyn called her family for the first time in two years and claimed that she “is happy.”

Griggs spoke to Rick and Sasha about recording yesterday’s call, what Joycelyn’s body language was really saying, what can be done legally after the age of consent, and more.
This link features two audio segments from the interview. Here are some highlighted quotes with time codes:

On why Griggs recorded the phone call between Joycelyn and her family
2:31—“We know R. Kelly has been recording conversations for a long time and his camp actually recorded it and leaked it to the press. He knew, we knew, that something interesting was about to happen.”

3:41—“We saw the real Joycelyn Savage go off-script because she was clearly reading from a script from the beginning and she couldn’t get back to the script. If nothing was wrong, why not have a conversation with your little sisters? With your grandmother? Why not reach out and reignite familial relationships…the recording was for the world to see the depths of brainwashing in real time.”

On what he thinks Joycelyn’s body language was saying
3:56–“It says she is brainwashed, her body language says that she is in an abusive relationship she can’t get out of…the fact that Gayle King had to tell a national audience that R. Kelly was still in the room coughing, trying to get attention, shows that these women are not doing these things of their free will…this is not the Joycelyn that people knew prior to her meeting R. Kelly.”

If Joycelyn’s family ever received any money from R. Kelly for anything
4:52—“Absolutely not. And yesterday in the press conference I produced receipts and I challenge Mr. Kelly to produce receipts. We’ll put out bank statements, we’ll submit I-9s; whatever it takes to show that at no point did R. Kelly pay this family any amount of money.”

On his concern for these two women
6:12—“We’re definitely concerned for the health, safety, and well-being of these young ladies. We honestly believe that both of them are brainwashed because there are videos on social media that show both of them singing, show both of them wanting to be aspiring singers, but now since they have been with Mr. Kelly, they don’t want to do any of that anymore. They just want to live with him and he’s going to take care of them and they don’t want any contact with their parents. And then to come up with these ludicrous allegations that they were sold for sex. There’s absolutely no proof, that never happened.

On what can be legally done since the women are adults
7:30—“False imprisonment, kidnapping, and aggravated assault that occurred in 2017.”
8:21—“There is no age of consent on a kidnapping charge, no age of consent on aggravated assault charges.”

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