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WERQ is Seeking a Music Director

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 width=WKYS Program Director Neke Howse announces the following:  

“It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that I inform you that Vernon Kelson has accepted the APD/MD position for WKYS. Affectionately known by “˜Kelson’ from Radio One Baltimore (WERQ) , he will have big shoes to fill as I was blessed to have Dionne Burkett-Lewis in this position prior to Kelson’s acceptance.  I am confident that he is up for the challenge as he is celebrating his 10th anniversary in radio. Kelson began his career with Radio One in 2002.   He is a Baltimore Native and a graduate of Towson University .  Kelson has worked his way up through the ranks from Board-op , part time (On-air) , Promotion/Production Assistant , Assistant Music Director and to add to the list he is very social media savvy (which includes The Urbaninformer.com and Urban Informer TV).  Kelson definitely has the makings of a future Program Director. I’m very excited to be a part of his growth & promotion within our company , so with that being said please help me congratulate Kelson on being the newest member of the KYS family.”                    

Kelson’s family in Baltimore is VERY proud of his promotion.   Baltimore Operations Manager Al Payne comments , “While we will miss Kelson’s focus , determination , passion for the lifestyle and our brands (as well as his big smile and personality) on a day-to-day basis , we are ELATED to see him grow within the company!”   Payne is now looking for a replacement Music Director for 92Q (WERQ-FM) and Spirit 1400 (WWIN-AM) as well as Programming Assistant.   The ideal person:

·               Lives and breathes the hip hop lifestyle and music!

·               IS CONNECTED!!   Has an impressive number of relevant celebrity contacts in their smartphone and is always ready to use them in pursuit of exclusive opportunities!

·               Is already (or is on pace to become) a social media MONSTER!!   Check your Twitter/Instagram/Facebook and/or Black Planet friends and followers before you apply.   Are you influential?

·               Ability to mix is a plus.

·               Has additional knowledge of Contemporary Inspirational music.

·               Pays attention to DETAIL and “sweats the small stuff” when working in programs like RCS/Selector , Linker , VoxPro and WideOrbit/Scott Studios.

Find the complete Baltimore job posting within the next 48 hours at www.radio-one.com and we look forward to hearing from interested candidates.

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