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Wendy Williams' Producers Struggle to get other Quality Guests but Mario on Today

marioWendy Williams is a victim of her own success. I’ve been hearing for weeks that her producers are getting frustrated because A-Listers and popular rappers refused to be guests on her show. Most likely a payback from Wendy’s days on the air and her sland erous attacks on those . I was able to catch a glimpse of the show the other day and the one thing that I think is really missing is a sidekick. Wendy is doing too much by herself and she needs someone on stage to interact with. The guest situation is going to be hard to get around but a show will not succeed with nothing but B-D list guests only.

As he continues to croon his way across the country on the BET ! tour, ’s latest , D.N.A., entered this week’s chart at #9. This marks his second Top 10 debut.

Today, Mario takes a break from singing in front of thousand s of screaming fans to performing his hit single “Break Up” and new single “Thinkin’ About You,” for millions of viewers of the Wendy Williams Show. On October 27th, Mario joins for a performance of “Break Up” on the BET - Awards.

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