Wendy Williams Calls Queen Latifah “a Dude”

Queen Latifah needs to do some damage control. After her recent statement…

[“They are actually starting to p**s me off. I haven’t been brutalised like some people… but you feel taken advantage of.” This year, if somebody prints something about me, I’m ready to take it to their ass because it’s just not fair.”I’m tired of hearing from my family members, `Did you say this?’ When somebody calls my family, that’s what concerns me. I have little brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews who are not so media savvy as me. They are not so thick skinned with this business, so these reports bother them. That’s when I really want to go for somebody’s throat, legally with lawyers and all. And I will.”]

All hell has broken loose and now even MORE people are attacking and giving her a new nickname “King Latifah.” In a recent interview, shock jocktress Wendy Williams said she wanted to use Queen Latifah to play her in her biographical movie “…but Queen Latifah is a Dude” Williams states. See the video below. (courtesy SOHH.com)

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