Vicious Beating of Black Atlanta Gay Man Goes Viral, FBI Gets Involved, Hate Crime Probable (vids)

I saw this disturbing video on World Star Hip Hip yesterday and I was going to post it but I realized black radio doesn’t care about or report on this kind of thing, then I realized today this is EXACTLY why I need to post it. Black radio’s cowardice should not infiltrate any industry reporting blogs on subject matter that should certainly be discussed on the airwaves.It’s no secret that Atlanta has a HUGE black gay community HUGE but the state is one of the few that does not have a hate crimes law??? This is the reason the government has stepped in and the FBI has every intention of prosecuting the offenders making this investigation bigger by the minute. Getting charged with a hate crime is no joke.   The perps   were brilliant enough to actually film their crime and then had the great idea to upload it for the world to see them commit it. One organization informed us it is very common for black gay men and women to be attacked in Atlanta and most don’t report the attacks because they don’t feel they have the support.   We’ll keep you posted. 

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