Elroy Smith announces his new project, ELROY SMITH – THE COACH. Elroy will be laser focused on coaching YOU into a BRAND. If you are an on-air personality or a podcaster, you are one of many. However, you will WIN if you develop yourself into a brand.

elroy smith - the coach

Personalities that are making a difference are the ones that have something substantive, compelling and commanding to say. Content is now “KING.” Unfortunately, the list of personalities that are brands is very short. With listeners having so many choices to hear music, they are looking for more than just music when they turn on the radio. They want to be entertained and intrigued with radio or podcast hosts. Talking up to the vocals, reading liner cards perfectly and doing birthday shouts have no value.

Based on his experience as one of the industry’s most prominent radio programmers, Smith believes that on-air talent and program directors are too close to the product to have an objective point of view.

According to Smith “When consultants have given me feedback about my radio station, it did hurt. However, when I thought about the critique, many points were valid. I have enjoyed a lengthy and memorable career working with some of the best in the radio business.  Uniqueness, being distinctively different and being transparent are just a few traits in establishing your brand. My goal is “Coaching YOU into a BRAND” no matter what format and no matter what country.” This eight- session curriculum will prepare you for branding and marketing success.” For details:


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