Veteran Musician George Duke Dies


Originally posted on August 6, 2013 20:33:00

Radio Facts: Originally posted August 6, 2013. Radio Facts is sorry to report that vet musician George Duke died last night on August 5.

No word yet on what happened but we will keep you posted. Duke just completed an album and was in the process of promoting it after losing his wife and falling into a depression just a year ago.

Former Supreme’s member Sherrie Payne states: “I just received the devastating and sad news that the great musician, George Duke, passed away this evening at St. John’s hospital in L.A.  It was just one year earlier, July 18th, that his beloved wife and my friend, Corine, went to be with the Lord. Please keep his sons, Rasheed and John, in your prayers.” UPDATE: Radio Facts talked to one of Duke’s closest friends Vic McLean about his life, current state and legacy here.



  1. So very great a keyboard-ist, musician, composer, producer, collaborator, band-leader and side-man ….. one of the very greatest of the “Jazz Fusion” pioneers of the ear;y 70’s alongside Josef Zawinul, Chick Corea, and Herbie Hancock …… very difficult to put a limit on his greatness. Also a very much loved individual.

  2. I am a musician who has appreciated George Duke for most of my life.I wish to send my condolences to his family.I first became aware of him ,through his works with Zappa .Frank just about put George in charge of that band back in the early 70’s.Arguably one of the best bands ever to play.He seemed like a kind ,gentle,and inspiring soul.( and lots of it). Bless you George ,and yours.Dez Cadena

  3. Saw him many times with FZ back when, and followed his solo albums. A brilliant player who conveyed SUCH a joyful spirit through his music.

  4. Rasheed , John I’m so truly sorry for your lost keep you in my prayers I’m really a fan of your father’s musical talents so we’ve lost a great one
    So sorry for your loss
    Letitia Hall

  5. We lost a true innovator in the world of jazz, R/B, and funk/fusion…One of the best of this generation….may he rest peacefully…….

  6. Through the years my husband and I enjoyed George Duke’s appearance as much as we could each time he came to Cleveland,OH he never disappointed. My condolences to his family, my thanks to God for blessing us all with such a beautiful and talented man. The jazz world has truely lost a great one. Your ancestors welcome you. RIP

  7. I never met Mr. Duke, I only knew him through his music. From this I can say that he was a dear friend because he gave me smiles when life gave me frowns. I will never miss him because he left his music with me, which is an extension of himself. George Duke has not gone anywhere, he just took of that old coat of skin. Now the real life begins!

  8. Listen now to his – feel- album ! Let us be grateful that we had that nice guy as a fantastic keyboard-player! r.i.p. George

  9. I did 3 albums and tours with The George Duke Band in the seventies.
    I actually have a credit on one album, as The Keeper of The Dukie Stick, a stage wand prop! Met many great musicians through that gig, including the best Drummer of all Time,, Leon NDUGU Chancler.
    RIP George!!!
    Kevin K Dugan

  10. George Duke was a great musician and he was also my personal friend. He was very encouraging when I was getting my online radio station ( going. He did some promo drops for my station and I even used his voice in my TV spot that’s coming out in Sept. ( He told me about his new CD called Dreamweaver and he never let on that he was battling cancer. I was so sad to learn of his passing. He had such a warm and down to earth personality. The world really has lost a great man. R.I.P. my friend.

  11. George Duke was a great musician and an even greater person!! Thank you for the great music and memories. I’m lucky to have been able to know you and call you a friend. Rest in eternal peace Sir!!

  12. I saw Duke playing in Minden some years ago. And I used to be an outstanding fan of his great variety of piano and talents of playing the in a very thrilling way keyboards. Needless to point out giving promising young talents in particular drummers a great chance to join the world’s sensational band leaders and composer under his own talent and leadership to also gain a little bit of worldwide reputation. I personally lost one of the greatest soloists I ever could make his personal acquaintance in the jazz cave of Minden and was very often listening to his successful concert in Prague.
    Deepest respect to him what he gave jazz new inspirations in a way nobody else could compete with.
    Best greetings
    Manfred Kahl – Hannover, Germany

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