V103/Atlanta Does Excellent Town Hall on Rights of Drivers during Police Stops


I was VERY impressed with this FaceBook Live segment by V103 in Atlanta on what your rights are as a driver and how to handle yourself when stopped by police. The meeting featured V103 vet Frank Ski and Attorney Robert Smith of Smith and Hirsh PLC in Nashville, TN who is also an Assistant Professor Department of Criminal Justice at Tennessee State University. One of the MOST powerful segments is at the 13:17 mark where the man in the red shirt asks a question and the professor lays our community to rest. How many black people do you know who repeatedly ignore and avoid jury duty? I actually look forward to it but on at least two occasions I was the only black male, for reasons that the professor talks about here and because we often avoid the responsibility. This, believe it or not, is the starting point as to why there are not many more convictions when a police officer shooting takes place like the ones we saw last week. So think twice the next time you get invited to participate in the jury system and you immediately start looking for excuses not to participate.[flowplayer id=”174477″]


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