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Urban Radio Jock Dies


Radio Facts is sorry to report that industry vet Robyn Harvey (Jasmine James) has died after a long battle with cancer. D Cherie told Radio Facts “I met Robyn Jasmine James when she worked for at in Greensboro. Jasmine was enrolled in college at UNCG and doing one of the baddest morning shows! A true inspiration to many of us in the area pursuing radio. Jasmine’s PD was Sam Weaver. Other announcers during that time were Skip Dillard and Mic Fox. We were students at NC A&T’s WNAA-FM, but also trying to get hands-on commercial experience at WQMG. As a female announcer, I was always proud of the way Jasmine James hit the road from Mt Olive, NC and came to Greensboro for college and shut it down at WQMG-FM as a student with her co-host BJ Murphy.” #CancerSucks

Skip Dillard said: “Super talented and loving person. She loved getting out in the streets and was as entertaining one on one as she was on air. One of her passions was teaching so she was great with youth. Her smile and sense of humor always stayed with you after she was gone.”

Brian Wallace stated: “I JUST left a funeral and find out about Robyn Harvey (Jasmine James) passing this morning… Jas had soooooo much energy and a love for life (and radio) when I was her “coach” in Greensboro, NC. My sympathy to her family, friends and our team at WQMG. This one stings hard.‪#‎TomorrowIsNotPromised‬

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Barbara Dantonio March 7, 2016 at 6:46 am

I only knew her for a few months but she sure made a difference in this world. She was one fantastic person. Her energy and love for others was an example of just what we all should be. Thank you Robyn Wade for passing through my life, you made a difference and I will always remember you.


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