Are Urban Radio Corporatons “Begging and Whining” for Government Help?


Is Inner City Broadcasting Chairman Pierre Sutton’s Op-ed in yesterday’s New York Daily News: “Obama Throw Lifeline to Black and Hispanic Radio” Begging? I don’t know about you but I certainly am not crazy about that title. I also have no idea how the meeting went on Thursday between minority Radio Station owners and the Obama administration asking for what some are calling a “hand out ” to help certain urban radio outlets survive.While there is a great advantage to having a black president for all of us, it is certainly a monumental demand for him to BE the president, one task that none of us can imagine. There are those of us who expect Obama to save the world and to not forget about “us” in the process.   Is that a reasonable request? Hell no.   Some people feel that we are allowing our ‘collective false sense of entitlement and new black privilege’ to take precedent over a situation that we may have very well created [read the rest of the story in the forum]

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