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As Urban Programmers Express a Desire to Train New Talent, Is a Top Syndicated Show about to End?

Outside of just talking to several of the top programmers around the country who admit I am right in my assumption about at least 1 major syndicated show headed out the back door. I’m sensing my previous rants about a return to local/community radio is starting to look like a good idea to programmers too. I’m not sure how significant the absence of those local dollars no longer being generated for urban stations amount to but I have certainly talked to a good amount of programmers who are starting to question if there is really any true value of running syndicated shows, especially in the mornings. I have always stated that urban radio is the speaker for the black community. If there is a local issue taking place that’s a burning hot news item, how do you promote, talk about or address it if you are running syndication? I personally can’t listen to most of the syndicated shows. Brainless banter, stupid ass relationship advice, fake laughing, corny ass dated jokes and hosts who are simply out of touch with today’s urban radio listener. I always have to go back to V103 in Atlanta, one of the best programmed stations in the country with NO SYNDICATION and it works great for them. Time will tell.

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nyoface September 15, 2009 at 5:43 am

Syndication, Singers, Comics,they all must go. It has ruined this business.
The blame is programmers who dont know what to do, or what songs to play.
Alot of these programmer couldnt do a air shift themselves and have pulled a con job to owners to believe that they are valuable.
Also hat s off to this site for having a position. Urbaninsite hides its position and always seems to go along with the corporate media which is killing this industry.
I heard Kieth Sweat the other day for the first time and couldnt believe how bad he was. How did this guy get on my radio. Who thought he was a good idea?
Localism always wins over syndication. It always has.
Basden was an experiment that got out of control. I always wonder how long he would get numbers. Hes not a jock. Let jocks jocks, comedians do comedy, and singers sing. Give us back our radio.

Chuck September 15, 2009 at 11:01 am

Amen! The thing that burns me most is these people who are suddenly qualified to be on radio. how much time have they spent honing the craft as the many pros have working for years to become radio personalities? You won’t find many radio personalities going out to become comedians or singers. what you will find is that radio personalities have always respected and lifted these guys up trying to help them further their careers only to have them come and snatch ours away from us.

Don’t blame the programmers. in most cases the local programmer has very little to say about what should be on his or her station. And in a lot of the cases the person making that decision is not of the community nor ethnicity. GET MY DRIFT?

BOBBY OJAY September 15, 2009 at 11:23 am

a good observation………..its rarely mentioned because of the market size………but my show beats tom and steve on a constant basic………and i’m on the am dial……………and wdia is always in the top 5 overall in the market and we carry no syndicated programming………..we’re just good old fashion….fun radio the way it should be………

Janet Willis September 15, 2009 at 11:34 am

Where is my Michael? What is his website to his studio city?\
This is the third Detroit too a syndicated that i love off the air. I will not
be listening to 92.3 anymore.

wolf September 15, 2009 at 12:25 pm

i agree 100%. Broadcasting used to be a profession for broadcasters. Someone got the bright idea that anyone with a name could do it. Most comics are best suited as sidekicks or co hosts. A standup comic does the same routine over and over, nite in and nite out. Radio hosts have to create something new and interesting every single show that is relatable to a mostly mobile audience that can punch away at anytime. The producer is the key to keeping a syndicated show relevant to their respective markets, but a great radio producer is hard find, especially when you surround yourself with yes men and women. Most great radio comedy bits are organic, meaning developed from the in studio chemistry of the team and based on personal experience. as Michael Jordan says” You have to let the game come to you “. You can’t force comedy. Don’t get me wrong, there are some very good syndicated shows, but most of those spawned from strong local shows. Major market stations have to recommit to strong local morning shows or face continued loss of audience.


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