Urban Program Directors Should Take Responsibility for Radio DJs” Lack of Creativity (letter)

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radiofacts.comWe got an interesting letter from a well respected national Radio DJ about our story on Radio DJs not being ready to represent their Radio Stations when a Kanye situation pops up.First and foremost thanks for being the voice of the urban radio and the industry. We just saw the story on black Radio DJs not being ready for bigger opportunities and situations. Maybe it’s the urban PDs that should take the blame for bad hires then throwing the team out with the bathwater. It’s the PDs that have lacked the creativity in the recent past not the Radio DJs. Certain radio corporations send out emails about not speaking on certain subjects on the air. How do you put someone on the air that can’t flip the switch when they need to from hood to pro? We are often told to play dumb.There have been MANY situations where doing more than slang shows was needed but I put the blame on the PDs for not standing up to the corporations and nurturing the talent. How do they know that we lack the skills to go to that next level. I’ve been fortunate in my career but I have to speak up for other black radio talent. PDs should look in the mirror before blaming the staff.



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