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Urban PD Suddenly Dies

 width=UPDATE: We are sad to report that Citadel Broadcasting’s PD (KRRQ-FM and KNEK-FM) AJ Appleberry suddenly died this morning of an apparent heart attack. We are being told he passed out while buying tires and was rushed to the hospital where they were unable to revive him. Several industry people who talked to him over the last few days state he was complaining about being tired as well as having chest pain. Ironically, he requested my friendship on FaceBook this very weekend and I put him in this morning. His sister Elaine left this heartfelt message on AJ’s FaceBook page: “This message is from Elaine Appleberry… I’ve just returned from the hospital where I’ve left one of my best friends, my big brother, my heart.. A.J. I’m in his bedroom and here is his computer with FB on… Please know how much A.J. loved all of you. He enjoyed throwing out those crazy questions to sparks controversy. I miss him with all my heart. I don’t believe that I can live a day of my life without thinking about him.”

No further details are available at this time.

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