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Urban PD Found Dead

Kris Kelly with Radio Facts ' Kevin Ross in Las Vegas for RCA Event.
Kris Kelly with in 2011 –  Las Vegas, RCA Records Event.

Industry vet LaVonne Battle aka “Kris Kelley” was found dead last night in an apartment in Philadelphia. She was 47, Industry sources state few people had talked to her for a while and calls were not returned from friends and family. A friend went to do a welfare check and found the former PD dead. She had previously spent several years working for iHeartmedia (then Clear Channel) in various capacities, but was most well known for her work at WJLB in Detroit. Later she was moved to Chicago including a stint at WVAZ as midday host and was eventually promoted to PD at WGCI Chicago. The first appointment didn’t work out and she was re-assigned, a couple of years later she was promoted again to PD at WGCI and departed from the station two years ago. Not much is known at this time as her death is pending an investigation. source

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Guy Sims January 20, 2016 at 8:36 pm

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…. and although I have only scanned the the article and comments after I “discovered” this story, I have been in this business for 40 years and for the most part I have been independent of this industry and have maintained some degree of autonomy… I haven’t made a lot of money but I have been able to sustain myself as something of a creative success which wouldn’t have happened if I weren’t something of a “maverick.” In becoming a part of this profession, I was something of a militant and a visionary of what radio could do for an upwardly mobile black population before it was hi-jacked by a bunch of “sellouts” in terms of individual leadership in collusion with impotent so-called black associations whose only interest was to use “black radio” as a pawn for their own greed. Something they still do. Many of them as our assets began to evolved knew nothing about radio communications and cared little for their black audiences in the first place. I was there to witness this phenomena. Beginning in the late 70’s you must remember the “Two-fer Rule.” Well nothing has changed. Its gotten worst. There is nothing more ludicrous then a white person try tell a black person how to play “black music.” I’d never let that happen to me. You want the “milk,” you’re going to have to want the Bull and the Cow, Nonetheless I’m sure a host of qualified black professionals have been passed over again and again and because of their so-called guidance they have failed miserably in growing a black broadcasting community that could have protected, nurtured and sheltered Ms. “Kris Kelly” and the community she wanted to served (as well as the other Ms. Kelly facsimile in this business). While black radio shrank, she was trapped in some “Ivory Tower” working for some corporate white-owned sociopaths whose greed and callous disregard and their wanton and destructive partnering with the negative musical forces and corrupt and misguide conservative (selfish) thinking because of greedy capitalism continues to wreak long term havoc in our black communities nationwide. The dynamics of which undermines every institution we held sacred, church, politics, music, education, health, cultures, entertainment, finance, morality and economics… you can be more truly conservative than that. Not only are these concepts good for black communities at large, but it’s good for our nation. Who are these barbarians? There is no telling what this young lady could have really contributed to the growth of the of the black community. As the news story said, someone went to check on her “welfare” so something must have wrong in the “first place.” Now I am going back to read the rest of the comments… BUT as I said in the beginning… Enough Is Enough!!!


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