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Urban Industry Vet Not Dead

Hey RF Readers…
Many of us are incredibly fortunate, even in this economy. We have watched more than 50% of the industry literally disappear over the last decade. Many of us are making a less money. And for those of us who have left, some ARE struggling but to my surprise, MANY have on to create great new successful careers and lives for themselves. The one thing about this industry that holds true is no matter what we come from we have lived what others can only DREAM of. We are destined and driven to succeed, aren’t we? What about the up and coming industry people? There is an incredible void that must be addressed and the ’t lose anything but they will GAIN in the run by creating opportunities, offering advice or even mentoring when you can. If you want your life to improve in ALL areas help someone improve their lives in just ONE area. Join this network! RFSN will bring all aspects of the industry together from to records to , producers, mix Radio DJs, writers and MORE…

I am DETERMINED to make RFSN (the RadioFacts Social Network) a modern day successful urban industry organization that will bring the industry together in a new way. I am already working on the first exciting event. I need YOUR support for this network… as nobody else is doing it… JOIN THE NETWORK TODAY. We have seen so many, once lively vets, die the most unfortunate deaths, alone, uninsured and broke… It doesn’t have to happen. Be a part of the new industry’s network RFSN. Everybody on there is not looking for a or begging so don’t even be in that mindset. There are some INCREDIBLE people who have joined and the only thing we are missing.. is YOU. Come join us… it only takes a few minutes. The Urban Industry Vet is not dead, he or she is alive and well and making a difference in the industry and the lives and careers of others.

Only people with an industry affiliation can join the network!!

OK Kevin, I want to Join RFSN and I’m going to click this to do it.

Visit RFSN

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