UPDATE: KKDA National Search for PD and Morning Host (read now)

Radio Facts , the leader in industry scoops and updates, just got word DIRECT from management at Service “deep pockets” Broadcasting that they are doing a massive national search for a PD/Morning Host. You will not get this info anywhere else but here at this time. Can you do both? Get your package in NOW. The press release is not even out yet. The new PD will be named no later than early next week. Also Dede McGuire and Lady Jade will remain on the new morning show. Send materials to [email protected]. NO PHONE CALLS please

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  1. They need to quite the BS and let Dede host that show. Unleash the talent that she is…”Looking for a host”??? Open your eyes…she’s right there!!!
    And Kevin, loves how you didn’t hesitate with this one!


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