Universal Music Publishing Launches UMPG Songs


Universal-MusicUniversal Music Publishing has announced the launch of a new, state-of-the-art online music platform providing unprecedented access to the company’s vast catalogue for sync licensing.UMPG Songs contains hundreds of thousands of tracks available to licence – from a writer’s full back catalogue to the latest releases, with new works added every week. What makes UMPG Songs unique however is the combination of expertly curated content and smart music discovery tools – empowering advertising, film, TV, and online creatives to quickly pinpoint exactly the right piece of music for their project.UMPG Songs allows users to conduct music searches to a remarkably detailed level – enabling a fast and accurate response to even the most demanding brief. Songs are tagged with sync use in mind, which not only enables users to search and refine by artist, writer, genre and year, but also by instrument, specific lyric, the general lyrical theme, or even by a song’s overall mood and atmosphere. Whether searching for contemporary uplifting indie pop, country songs with lyrics about ‘coming home’ or a quirky instrumental, it rapidly returns accurate and relevant results.Those hunting for some musical inspiration will find an abundance of artfully presented and frequently updated content. Users can browse through new releases and classic albums, or tap into the UMPG sync team’s expertise via a wide selection of playlists curated by specialist staff. Playlist themes range from songs inspired by great cities to the influences behind some of UMP’s iconic writers; from epic film scores to surprising cover versions; from shimmering 1970s disco to raucous punk.Other invaluable features include the ability to access all versions of a song on one page (including instrumentals, covers and remixes) as well as one click downloads of songs, albums and playlists in a chosen format.UMPG Songs is not only an essential new tool for music supervisors, but it also allows UMPG staff to better service their creative clients – facilitating quick and easy pitching of songs and greater collaboration between worldwide offices. Developed in-house and launching in the UK, the system is being rolled out worldwide in 2014.Alice Greaves, Senior Marketing Manager at UMPG UK, said: “Our aim with UMPG Songs was to create a responsive, intuitive system that empowers creatives to dig deep into the heart of our vast music catalogue. The new platform provides creative, cutting edge tools to help our clients quickly uncover the perfect music for their advert, film, TV series or game – whether they are looking for something highly specific or simply to browse for inspiration. We’re confident that UMPG Songs will make our clients’ jobs quicker and easier, whilst continuing to achieve the very best for the artists and writers we represent.”


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