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UK DJ Jimmy Savile’s Secret Wall May Lead to Arrests of Celebrities

article-2380298-1AD642B1000005DC-243_634x663UK disgraced DJ Jimmy Savile who is accused of molesting girls and boys from 1955 thru 2009 apparentely had a secret wall that has just been discovered by police with many of the victims names. Officers swooped on a flat above a record shop in Greater Manchester following a tip-off and discovered the appalling roll call scrawled behind layers of wallpaper and plaster. The list includes the names and ages of hundreds of boys and girls, next to a ratings system that apparently related to their sexual performance. Some of the names were reportedly boys and girls the paedophiles were planning to target along with the names of other participants. Sources state Savile’s superiors knew what was going on but kept him working because of ratings. In the era before the internet, paedophiles used secret magazines or groups to share their crimes with fellow sex attackers in the same way some use internet forums now. Criminologists believe that the wall could be an example of such behaviour.

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