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Tyrese Speaks on the Insecurity of R&B Artists and Being Overlooked by Top 40 Radio (video)

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Radio Facts: Radio Facts: Tyrese seems to be on his grown man as of late. He is writing books, he posts very thought-provoking video and messages via his social media platform, and he always seems to give great interviews. He sat down with Ebro in the Morning to discuss his current double album and his upcoming short film/music video, “Shame.”Speaking of shame, Tyrese touched on the current shame or insecurity of R&B artists and everyone trying to go hip hop music.  He challenges Chris Brown, Usher, and other R&B artists to not forget the rhythm and blues.  He also discussed mainstream radio not embracing his music while Sam Smith, on the other hand gets radio play across all formats. Tyrese was doing his best to not make it about race but watch the interview to see what he and Ebro conclude. Originally Posted July 10, 2015https://youtu.be/yk24DCgqFY0

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