Tyrese Suffers Injury After Passing Out


tyrese-released-from-dc-hospital-after-fainting-the-jasmine-brand-300x300I'm not sure what TGT‘s schedule is but these gentlemen need to get some rest. Not too long ago, Ginuwine was acting quite strange on a TV performance and now Tyrese apparently passed out over the weekend due to extreme exhaustion.Tyrese made an appearance at The Park nightclub in Washington D.C. along Ginuwine and Tank. Tyrese fainted in the middle of partying, hitting the floor so hard he injured his arm. A rep for Tyrese told TMZ that the singer/actor/author is ok now. The rep explained “Tyrese has been going non-stop since July promoting his new TGT album.” Tyrese posted a pic of himself in the hospital afterwards with his bandmate Tank wearing a sling. We hope that TGT gets some rest because they obviously need it.

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