Tyler Perry Discusses His New Netflix Film and the Future of His Movies on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show (VIDEO)


    Tyler Perry talked to Rickey Smiley about his many accomplishments, including the new film he has coming out called “A Jazzman’s Blues,” which is set to premiere on Netflix. Smiley said he was happy to have Perry on the show because Perry brings energy.

    Smiley wanted to know how Perry managed to sit down and write a whole script for “anything.” Perry said even as a child, he had a vivid imagination, and his creativity flows once the characters get inside his head.

    Perry said he had a chance to meet August Wilson back in the 1990s when he was broke and struggling. The talented actor said he snuck backstage of the theater where Wilson was because he could not afford a ticket.

    During his backstage visit, he met Wilson. He said Wilson encouraged him to write whatever he wanted, which inspired Jazzman’s Blues which he began working on 27 years ago.

    Jazzman’s Blues tells the forbidden story of love and more. It also deals with black people passing as White in the late 30s and 40s. The film also acts as a murder mystery, said Da Brat.

    Perry said before he could do the film Jazzman’s Blues, he had to work on some things first. Such as building his success and his studio because the networks do not give a lot of chances to Black movies that do not work. He said he focused on films that he knew would work, such as the Madea brand and “Why Did I Get Married,” first. Now the film producer can concentrate on the projects he wants.

    Perry says he does not like to watch many movies when he’s writing because he does not want to be influenced by other people’s art. He said he does, however, enjoy sci-fi films.

    Perry said his studio is very busy, and new movies are constantly being produced there. Perry also discussed the new series on BET called the Zatima that is set to launch on BET+.


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