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TV One Has a New Hit “Will To Live” (review)

 width=I may not agree with all the things that take place with Radio One but the company is on a roll on the TV end. I was VERY pleased to find out they have created their own investigative show that caters more on black crimes called Will to Live. The first episode sent to me for review was of Gladys Wade one of two women who survived serial black killer Anthony Sewell’s murderous rage in Cleveland. I had gotten audio from Radio One‘s station in Cleveland when they caught Sewell some time ago and I ran the eerie audio from WZAK. The audio was of Gladys who was obviously traumatized after discovering she could have been murdered as well as the 11 other women found in Sewell’s home. I am a HUGE fan of these kinds of shows and I can tell you right away if TV One goes all the way with this show and covers the subjects the networks don’t touch, this show will be a SMASH.

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