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TOO MUCH FOR TUESDAY: Anonymous Reader Stated Matthew Knowles is “Helping” Radio NOT to Play LeToya?

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Urban radio brethren and sistren tell me this ain’t so, LAWD! We got this letter from an anonymous reader..


Hi, I am the person who gave the tip regarding this year’s scand al at the bet awards. I work close to the Knowles but don’t agree with everything they do.
I am just pissed off with this shady business and I’ve been closer to God lately so I feel I have to throw this out there. I’m going to give you a little more of my experience. So”¦. Mathew is in a perpetual fight. I don’t understand what he’s trying to prove but I guess that’s what keeps his life exciting. You think he would have moved on by now but on the contrary, he’s totally obsessed with this Letoya Luckette girl. Wasting time making sure radio stations don’t play her songs, and particularly right now making sure “Regret” doesn’t get any bigger than it already is. I absolutely don’t understand why he thinks her success would overshadow Beyonce’s. Beyonce is aware of what’s going on but she’s not saying anything to stop her dad. I told her to say something but she said to me “I trust my dad”. Anyway, look at theUrban radio charts, Letoya is #5. That’s a pretty good number but you can notice that the most important radio stations aren’t playing it. Thanks to who? You guessed
it right. Rumors you’ve probably heard before are true. Mathew is paying these stations off to boycott her. These expenses are covered up as a trip to go see Beyonce’s tour for review. What’s nice is that these stations’ music directors can pick two to three dates anywhere in the world and travel for free. Mathew of course pays for travel expenses as well as $850 “courtesy checks” for”¦. meals. The funny part is some of them just get the free vacation and don’t bother showing up at Beyonce’s concert. Hot 97 (#1 HipHop & R&B radio in the world) was not hard to convince thanks to their ties with Jay-Z. It was a little harder to convince Power106 LA and Jamn 945 (asking for bigger courtesy checks) but in the end they accepted the offer. Thumbs up go to KMEL who almost spit at my face and refused to collaborate. I’m putting this to light because I’m tired of this payola bullsh…. You might find all of this outrageous but these are common practices in the music industry”¦ and
this is only the tip of the iceberg. Thanks for reading.

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