Trump Still Doesn’t Get It

During a Fox Sports radio show, President Trump spoke about the impact of COVID-19 on sports. He complimented NFL and owners for working with government to safely open the season. He also discussed athletes protesting during the national anthem. So, during this conversation he said if players still choose to kneel, he hopes the season does not start.  

Trump liked the NHL’s pregame social justice demonstration, well that is probably because it did not include kneeling or Black Lives Matter messaging Trump did not like the MLB and NBA demonstrations. MLB players kneeled before the anthem and wore Black Lives Matter t-shirts. NBA players kneeled during the anthem, wore Black Lives Matter t-shirts, the stadiums had Black Lives Matter signage.

He called the NBA players kneeling very nasty and said that is why TV ratings are down. He feels that kneeling disrespects the flag and the country.  He said since the players make millions playing a sport they would play anyway; they should show more respect. We know this is a hot topic for him and no matter how many times he is told the protest has nothing to do with the flag and is about police brutality; he still makes hateful comments about the players.

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