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Trina Gets PhotoCHOPPED

As a PROFESSIONAL magazine publisher and graphic designer, Trina’s could have given me HALF of what they paid this person to destroy this picture and I would have done a more realistic job. While I know Trina has dropped quite a bit of weight, she does NOT look like this. Who’s ice cold idea and concept was this? This job was NOT done by a black professional and I will tell you how I KNOW.
1. The Hair. It looks like she has on a man’s toupe in the front and extentions on the side. The hair is also TOO perfect. you can’t see any curls or flow. The torso and the face are baked. This graphic design “artist” is probably in the hospital for exaustion . Who’s cousin at the label is he or she? The other pic is what Trina actually looks like…

//images.askmen.com/galleries/singer/trina/pictures/trina-picture-1.jpg  cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

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