Trevor Noah Talks Trump at BookExpo with Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman

BookExpo is North America’s largest gathering of book trade professionals attracting an audience from around the globe. Other notable authors and celebrity guests at BookExpo 2018 include Senator Bernie Sanders, Yuyi Morales, Viola Davis, Congressman John Lewis, Abbi Jacobson, Jacqueline Woodson, Amber Tamblyn, Victoria Aveyard, Becky Albertalli, Sean Spicer, and Zach King.On Thursday morning, BookExpo hosted the Adult Book & Author Breakfast at the Javits Center in New York featuring authors Trevor Noah, Barbara Kingsolver, Nicholas Sparks, and Jill Lepore and hosted by celebrity power couple Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally.radiofacts.comAt the Breakfast, Offerman and Mullally read an excerpt from their upcoming memoir, The Greatest Love Story Ever Told, and Trevor Noah discussed his upcoming book, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah presents The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library.Trevor Noah on his feelings about Donald Trump: “For me, Donald Trump is an emotional paradox…on the one hand, I am terrified many days at the notion that he is president of the most powerful nation in the world, but I also must admit that most days I wake up knowing that he’s going to make me laugh. There’s terror, and there’s joy. Many times it feels like there’s a giant asteroid heading towards the Earth, but it’s shaped like a penis. I think I’m gonna die but I know I’m gonna laugh.”Trevor Noah on the making of Trump: “The Twitter is where Donald Trump was formed, the Twitter is where he shaped his mind, it’s where he grew his audience, it’s where he continues to thrill us daily. It’s where he wages wars and sparks deals.”Trevor Noah on Trump’s Twitter: “If you want to know what the president is thinking, you refer to his tweets.”Trevor Noah on why the book is important: “When you read the Presidential Twitter Library of Donald Trump you will come to understand why he should not be president….I think once you put the tweets together in a book form and once you analyze them and give them the respect that they deserve, you come to realize that although he is wildly entertaining, he should not be leading anything other than a Twitter account.”,,,,,158,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,199848,Trevor Noah Saves Robert Mueller from Investigating Trump’s Tweets,trevor-noah-saves-robert-mueller-from-investigating-trumps-tweets,,Trevor Noah


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