Soft White Underbelly: Interview with a Black Transgender Woman


    Warning: this is a very blatant interview. Q is a black transgender woman living in Los Angeles. In this interview from Soft White Underbelly, Q admits being a sex worker not by choice but by circumstances.

    The life span of Black transgendered women is 35. They are usually killed by someone they know or that they are romantically involved with.

    They are also often murdered at a high right by transphobic Black men. Here Q talks about what it's like to grow up as a transgender woman and the massive discrimination she has experienced.

    She talks about growing up on “Standford Street where all the girls have meat” (lol). She also talks about the unbearable amount of discrimination that she gets from people. And how she has been close to getting killed on many occasions.

    Q's story is very unfortunate and we don't often get to hear about what it's like to be transgender but there is no doubt nobody would ever “choose” this life. The Black church has played a HUGE part in the discrimination again the Black LGBTQ community.

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