Tragedy Strikes Industry Vet Stacy Lacroix


securedownloadThis past Thursday I was a WIFE and on Friday I was a WIDOW. I came home Friday around 7pm and found my husband, Tony Harmon, 59, laying in the floor not breathing. He had a heart attack. I still can’t believe it. I can’t stop crying long enough to even find a funeral home here in Miami. He died without any life insurance to pay for his burial. Although we just got married, he was not a stranger to me, but actually my first boyfriend when I was in college!!  We finally got married this past New Years Eve. I am in need of financial assistance to pay for funeral costs. Paypal account under my email address: [email protected] Thanks for your help.

Stacy Scott (Lacroix) Harmon
1521 Alton Rd #187
Miami Beach, FL 33139

email:  [email protected]

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