Top Stories From This Week 5/29/14


Maya Angelou’s passing.

There are not enough words to describe how regal this woman was God Rest her soul.  (continue to click “NEXT” to see next segment)


Fox’s Tasteless Joke about Maya Angelou

Not hard to believe that Houston’s Fox 26 pointed out the obvious with the most ignorant line before her death notice. How do they keep getting away with this?


Arron Neville Looks like THIS at 73?

We should all be so lucky. He looks half his age but Arron has always been into working out and its obviously worked.


Dr Dre Beats Deal Completes with Apple for 3 Billion

Congrats Dr Dre


Laverne Cox is the first Transgender person on the cover of TIME

Transgender actor and activist Laverne Cox made history as the first transgendered person to be on the cover of TIME magazine. Cox is currently starring in the hit Netflix original series Orange is the New Black.  She started her career as a contestant on “I want to work for Diddy” a short lived contest show about a group of people who wanted to be Sean “P Diddy” Combs” assistant.


Skydeck in Chicago Finally Gives Way

Good thing nobody was standing on it. This thing already looks terrifying anyway.

ca2887ac-bcb9-4fcd-b532-0e738fbf8464-460x276 sky-deck-ledge-cracks

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer wins Clippers bidding war for $2 billion


The sudden Passing of KJ Holiday

One of the most loved PDs in the industry KJ Holiday died suddenly of a heart attack over the weekend catching the entire urban radio industry off guard. RIP KJ.


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