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Top 30 Black Women List, Is this IT?

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 width=OK, I’m exaggerating. This contest is actually doing extremely well. I just think we need more candidates. While this is our most significant contest to date, these are the only names on the list and some are getting a LOT of votes but I am not convinced yet. Are you telling me there are no great female jocks, managers, community affairs directors, promotions, independent label, managers, sales managers, newscasters, TV and Cable executives and exec assistants climbing the ladder out there? In addition, the candidates do not have to be currently working in the industry but they should have made an impact during their tenure. Vote for yourself if you don’t see your name on the list as THE NOMINEE LIST WILL CLOSE IN A FEW DAYS. I’m ashamed to say I do not see a lot of votes from Male programmers. Let’s support these women who have made the industry great, black men, they voted for you when we did the Top 10 Programmers of All Time…. (lol)

Adriane Gaines
Alicia Keys
Angelique Perrin
April Ryan
Barbara A. McDowell
Bev Smith
Beyonce Knowles
Carolyn Williams
Cathy Hughes
Cheryl Scott
Christina Norman
Clovia Lawrence
Colleen Wilson
Cynthia Johnson
Daisy Davis
Debra Atney
Dede McQuire
DeDe Mcquire
Dorothy Brunson
Dyana Williams
Egypt Sherrod
Elise Wright
Elle Duncan
Felicia “The Poetess” Morris
First Lady Khris Raye
Francene Marie Morris
Gwen Ifel
Gwen Quinn
Hermene Hartman
Jamie Foster Brown
Jamillah Muhammad
Jean Ross
Jill Strada
Juliette Jones
Karen Vaughn
Kathryn DiGiorgio
Kelder Summers
Khandi Burress
Ki Ki Brown
KJ Brooks
Kris Kelly
LaDawn Black
Lin. Woods
Makeda Smith
Mary J Blige
MC Lyte
Michele Obama
Neke Howse
Nicole Sellers
Oprah Winfrey
Pam Oliver
Renee Nash
Sandi Mallory
Shaila Simpson
Shante Bacon
Sharon Heyward
Sheila Eldridge
Sheilah Belle
Sheryl Lee Ralph
Soledad O’Brian
Staci Static
Susan Davenport Austin
Sylvia Rhone
Terri Avery
Terri Thomas
Terry Avery
Thea Mitchem
Tori Bailey
Traci LaTrelle
Tyra Banks
Vanessa Barryer
Wanda Perkins
Wanda Smith
Wendy Williams
Whitney Houston
Willie Mae McIver

Cast your vote now and cast your vote HERE.

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