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Top 15 Things Black People over 40 are MOST Concerned About


Black people have a lot to worry about daily and this is a poll we did recently where over 650 responded to the things that they are most concerned with when they are over 4o. Surprisingly, “” was not on the list. We asked some of the respondents why they didn’t think racism was something to be concerned about and just about all of them said the exact same thing, It’s inevitable and something you get used to dealing with early on. At any rate, here is the list of the other Top 15 things Black people over 40 are concerned most about.  Enjoy. Click “Next” for next .

15. My Poor Eating Habits 14%


14. Finding a way to live my truth 14%


13. Eliminating Stress in my life 14%



12. Being old and alone 16%9423804-old-african-black-man-with-characterful-face


11. Health, Pensions and Benefits 20% retirement(1)


10. Making Major Changes in my Life 22%life_change

9. Age discrimination 23%age-discrimination1

8 23%blackfamilyblacklove

7. Starting another career 25%reset

6. My continued relevance in my industry 26%out-of-touch-600x359

5. 26%Loose-Weight-1


4. Finding ways to 28%Helping-Hand

3. 32%512px-padlock

2. %woman-working-out

1. Planning for Retirement 49%retirement-planning

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