15 Things Black Industry People over 40 are Most Concerned About



1. Planning for Retirement 49%

The number one concern. It’s never too late. Get a financial advisor, bookkeeper and accountant to look at your finances.



2. Improving Health 40%

Something that we have to make the effort to work on every day. 


3. Job Security 32%

Is any job secure even when you are young?



4. Finding ways to Help Others 28%

We get to the point when we get older to give back when we think about all that we have been given and how blessed we are. In additions, our lives change for the better when we give back.


5. Losing Weight 26%

Harder when we get older but a necessary evil. Everything in moderation including exercise.

6. My continued relevance in my industry 26%

At some point, this will change and leverage will step in (retirement). It doesn’t have to be the end because someone else says it’s over. It’s up to you.



7. Starting another career 25%

While participants worried about this, from this perspective of working nationally for an industry trade publication. Older workers THRIVE when starting something new, much more than those who stand still waiting for opportunities to present themselves in an industry that these people have aged out in. I’ve seen people die waiting and others thrive moving along.



8 Family Relationships 23%

All those generational curses come to pass when we get older and need the help of family members we may not have been connected to for years.



9. Age discrimination 23%

This is inevitable but the great thing is millennials and gen z’ers are horrible at developing relationships with corporations which will reopen the door for older reliable workers



10. Making Major Changes in my Life 22%

Moving after a certain age is not as easy. Making friends and connections is more difficult and moving gets more stressful as we get older but so does standing still.



11. Health, Pensions, and Benefits 20%

This was another big concern in our poll. Especially for those of us who work in the industry on the radio side. The benefits have never been great for radio announcers and Black Radio Stations have consistently banned unions which would have garnered retirement package for radio announcers. Many Radio DJs have no retirement after years of working in the industry.



12. Being old and alone 16%

After living a life of so many set rules a great fear of our participants is ending up alone.


radiofacts.com, stress

13. Eliminating Stress in my life 14%

Being black brings on a level of stress in itself. Couple that with responsibilities and all the other things that we deal with and you’ve got a handful.



14. Finding a way to live my truth 14%

Many of us have spent a lifetime being who other people told us we should be or wanted us to be. To live a life not being who you truly are is a wasted existence. 


15. My Poor Eating Habits 14%

This was very important to our readers know how we have used soul food for many years to comfort ourselves and how the fried chickens come home to roost later in life.


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