Sports: Top 10 MLB Walk-offs in 2019

The 2019 MLB Season was record breaking for the long ball. The homerun is one of the most energizing and exciting parts of baseball. It can cause your team to win, to lose or stay a little longer until to finish the game. Then there is the home run that makes you run off the filed and go home with a smile…the walk-off. In 2019, there were 77 walk-off homeruns.

Every walk-off homerun is dramatic, but there were some that really stood out this year. Here are the 2019 Top 10 Walk-off Homeruns. Click NEXT above or below the post to see the NEXT segment

10. Jose Abreu of the White Sox completes the doubleheader sweep of the Tigers with a 3-run walk-off HR.

9. The Phillies were trailing the Cubs 5-3 in the ninth until Bryce Harper demolished a pitch for the walk-off grand slam.

8. Kevin Newman of the Pirates hit his first homerun and it was a dramatic walk-off that just cleared the left-field wall to beat the Reds.

7. Rio Ruiz of the Orioles hit his second homerun in two days to beat the eventual AL Champs Astros.

6. Early in the season when the Padres had thoughts of competing Hunter Renfroe of the Padres hit a grand slam walk-off to beat the Dodgers.

5. With two outs Oakland’s Matt Chapman stepped to the plate and sent a pitch to the left-field stands and sent the unhappy Rays home with a loss.

4. The Dodgers led the league with 7 walk-off homeruns and Will Smith was the third rookie in the series to hit a walk-off to sweep the Rockies.

3. The Rockies beat the Phillies thanks to a walk-off 2-run homerun by Charlie Blackmon it was his first homerun of the year.

2. In one of the wildest comebacks of the year the eventual World Series Champions Nationals closed a six-run deficit against the Mets in walk-off style when Kurt Suzuki sent a 3-2 fastball over the left-field wall.

1. In the Mets final game of the season Dominic Smith returned from injury to send the happy Mets fans home after beating one of their division rivals, the Braves.

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