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Basics of How to Succeed in the Music Businesses

There are certain rules that music and radio pros MUST follow if they are to have long-term success. These are the ones I find most helpful. I've made some of these mistakes but thank God I'm a person who learns lessons quickly. Hit "NEXT" above or below for the next segment.

The Undeniable Top 10 Best Black Female Singers in Groups of All Time

Best Black Female Singers in the The Top 10 Best Female Groups of All Time.

POLL: Top 15 Things Black Industry People over 40 are Most Concerned About

1. Planning for Retirement 49% The number one concern. It's never too late. Get a financial advisor, bookkeeper and accountant to look at your finances.   2. Improving Health 40% Something that we have to make the effort to work on every day.  3. Job Security 32% Is any job secure even when you are young?   4.

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