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Top 10 Reasons President Obama Won

#1 His Leadership

Top 10 Reasons President Obama WonPresident Obama is an EXCELLENT leader and he has followed his 2008 promises as closely as he could with a few exceptions that involved depending on the Republican House who have absolutely refused to work with him in the hopes that he would be a one-term president. Obama is a leader for the majority instead of just one class of people and his intent is to make America a great place for ALL, Republican presidents have consistently fallen short in this area. (click “next”)

#2 He’s Walked a Mile in Our Shoes

 width=All Republican presidents were raised privileged completely disconnected from the poor and the middle class in this country. It’s so incredibly easy, when you come from that background, to say you don’t believe in handouts. You never needed help. They have it backwards and I have to admit, I have a problem with black or ethnic republicans and people who come to this country and state they don’t want handouts and consider themselves white. They forget they are ABLE to come to this country BECAUSE of what black people have been through. Our president used food stamps when he was a kid. How many presidents can say that? Who better to understand the angst of the humiliation of needing assistance to eat. For those of us who had to use them (including the owner of this blog) when we were kids if we were embarrassed and humiliated, that was great because it meant we cared about where we were and we wanted to be better. President Obama has been there and he proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that no matter where you come from you can grow up to be great things, including being the president. What an incredible legacy. Too bad many young black men don’t get it. (click “next”)

#3 Hispanics

 width=This growing minority was largely responsible for President Obama being re-elected (click “next”)

#4 Older Blacks

 width=Older blacks will vote before they will eat. They will crawl to the poles if they have to because they KNOW what we had to go through to have the right to vote. I give them the UTMOST respect. Many younger blacks under 25 could give a shit less about the voting process which is most unfortunate. (click “next”)

#5 Women

 width=Women of all races know that President Obama understands them and their needs. Mitt Romney fell INCREDIBLY short in this area and you could tell he is so disconnected from any and everyone but rich white men that it is no wonder he fell 10 points behind President Obama in this arena. (click “next”)

#6 Gays and Lesbians

 width=Eddie Long   and now Creflo Dollar have disgraced the black mega church concept but there are still many blacks who ignore the situations that take place at black churches, like Long with those four boys and they continue to support him. Does this mean that if you give us delicious fried chicken and someone posing as a messenger from OUR OWN higher power and some great gospel singing that we can forget about anything else that you do but not what OTHERS do? You have to ask the members of that and many other black churches.   Gays and Lesbians have been here are here and will be here LONG after we mummified and dead.   Live your OWN damn life. Black people have to move past their own personal insecurities……………………………….. and live and LET live. Gay people probably don’t want to fuck you anyway. Befriend a gay (lol)

#7 The Dying “Old White Racist” Concepts

 width=There are some OLD ass relic people still working in politics. They are TOO damn old and need to get out and make room for younger candidates who are connected to 2012 instead of 1812. They are so fucking old that if they fart they will have a stroke. There are old white men working in politics who have been in office since the damn Lincoln Administration and that concept along with them is dying. Even some white people are tired of racism but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, it’s alive, well and THRIVING but voters are moving in another direction.

#8 Stands By His Word

President O width=bama is an honorable man. You know by his work and you just trust and believe in him. Romney does not have that luxury. During the entire campaign, Romney looked out of place with everything except that back room recording where he stated 47% of American’s were victims and he wished he was Hispanic so that he could get the vote. His appearance on a Latino TV station wearing horrific orange makeup to indicate he was part Hispanic (via his grandfather) was disastrous. He looked like a damn burnt pumpkin. President Obama was the same man in every situation and every interview.

#9 Has Kept his Cool When Most of Us Would Not Have

 width=Republicans and Conservative Pundits have made MILLIONS off their hate for Obama, this includes Rush Limbaugh’s fat ass. That whining boar (A tusked Eurasian wild pig) would not have a show if it wasn’t for him attacking President Obama, too bad he’s not convincing. These racists have truly tested the patience of President Obama and his family where most others would have lost it, jumped over the podium and beat the shit out of Rush Limbaugh’s bitch ass (as da younens say). I don’t want to go into detail but we all know it was a game to make President Obama lose his cool and THANK GOD it didn’t work. The racists lost.

#10 He’s An AMAZING Orator and Communicator

 width=The only other president that we can think of who was as good a communicator as President Obama is President Bill Clinton. President Obama comes across as an honorable and honest man who is sincere in his intentions

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