Toni Braxton Admits She’s Battling Lupus

 width=Toni Braxton has got to be one strong woman. After a tumultuous singing career where she was ripped off for millions, a son diagnosed with autism, a recent divorce, IRS problems and more all happening while struggling with her fair share of medical issues””Pericarditis (heart lining inflammation), high blood pressure, heart palpitations, and a breast tumor””but she revealed the worst on Tuesday at the 8th Annual Lupus L.A. Hollywood Bag Ladies Luncheon. After receiving a Women in Achievement award, Braxton took the podium and said “Take a look, this is what lupus looks like,” revealing her hidden battle with the disease.She seems to be well enough, having tweeted “Had a great time at the 8th Annual Hollywood Bag Ladies Luncheon…A big moment for me. It was a tough decision to come out about it. But it was such a relief!” after the event, though whenever the word Lupus comes to mind, all I can think of is the late hip-hop genius J Dilla. Not to sound morose, but hopefully she doesn’t meet the same end.

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