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Tom Joyner , Steve Harvey, Michael Baisden and Rickey Smiley: All that money and Websites Rank WHAT?

I took a look at 4 websites this morning and came to the conclusions below. Keep in mind the the number the HIGHER your ranking. Just like radio your objective is to be Number 1. Urban radio is notorious for ignoring their websites and someday I may rank those too (maybe not too much work) but here are the leading syndicator numbers for you…Kev

#1 (blackamericaweb) Alexa Ranking: ,692. WINNER!!!

Overall the highest ranked and best site to view.   I know I have attacked Tom for not having anyone under 76 on the show several times and not training new blood and not having….. OK I could go on and on.. but I have to give his internet team an A for the effort. His site is the not only the highest ranked but the most appealing too.

#2 Steve   (steveharveymorningshow.com) Alexa Ranking 85,766

Steve comes in 2nd place under Tom and while his numbers are good, the first thing I noticed was the OVER PROMOTION OF . I mean I can understand promoting the brand but DAMN! I’m surprised there’s no steve harvey toilet paper on here which I would gladly use (laugh). The site has NO celebrity information on it. As a matter of fact, the “Daily News” link leads to more… 3 guesses and the first 2 don’t count MORE STEVE HARVEY PROMOTION. I wonder what it’s like to work for him? This website appears to be very it’s all about STEVE HARVEY.

#3 Michael Baisden:   (michaelbaisden.com)   Alexa Ranking: 279,979

Michael Baisden’s site is depressing. dismal colors and very amateurish in the presentation. His numbers are mediocre but this site not only needs a swift kick, it needs a full on bone marrow transplant. I literally fell asleep reading it. There is no excuse for this foolishness. No wonder I haven’t heard his name mentioned in a long time. At this rate, he’ll be forgotten in a year. WAKEUP Baisen or Citadel one.

#4   Rickey Smiley Morning Show Alexa Ranking: 592,239

It’s no wonder, this site is incredibly basic and there is not enough content. The news and the videos are dated and have already been run on all the blogs last week. Rickey’s web team needs a kick in the ass.

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Jerry L. Andrews August 13, 2009 at 3:12 pm

Well, I would say contact the losers and suggest some constructive improvements to get them on the ball. Just finding the faults will not help blacks improve. So, contact them, tell them your feelings and suggestions to improve the sites.

Uncle Rosy February 18, 2010 at 9:01 am

Steve Harvey and Michael Baisden are the wrost of the names that you called off,these dudes are brands trying to make money off they’re names than doing something for others.Baisden is all about dirty sex talk and stupid joke by his side kick coon and Steve is tired too with his 20 minute talk with God.After this dude talk with God on the air,then the rest of his goes to the Devil,and that stupid Strawberry letter is a waste of air time.He use this Strawberry thing to set up the promotion of that sissy ass book of his,and down play men just to lock some of these lost dumb sisters in.

Uncle Rosy February 28, 2010 at 10:57 am

All of them are about making money,but I think Tom is more of a real radio personality of the groups of names and he have followed for over 20 years.I wish we could get away from the stupid entertainment stuff or maybe tone it down and focus on more important issues that face thew black communities.One of them I refuse to name will promote that he’s not about black issues and love all the races of people,is the not the type of brother we should support on the air.A host who spend maybe 20 minutes talking to God and after he’s done the rest of the goes to the Devil,not someone we should support on the air.A man with pranks and acting a like a old lady and playing dirty rap song followed by praise breaks is phony to me.Radio can still be fun but we need more real serious issues instead of a letter named after a fruit dealing with stupid love stuff.


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