TOLD YOU: Chris Brown,s Aunt Calls Station, Verifies Chris Being Abused


Rihanna is quite delicious isn’t she?Seriously, I told you so. I knew Chris was telling the truth. I am currently working on a degree in Addiction Counseling and this is part of the course study, not to mention my own experience. Chris’ stepfather has all the classic symptoms of a child abuser. Abusers are often in denial as a way to cope with the fact that they have screwed up a child’s life. They are often the victim of childhood abuse themselves, though not always and they try to seek refuge in any shortcomings their victim experiences in an attempted effort to validate their wrongdoing. The audio with the sound effects from the station is tasteless. This sh… is not funny. There are kids listening to the station who are going through the same thing. Who programs this station? Oh, I’m supposed to know that (laugh).Got this link from blogger Necole Bitchie last night. Check out the audio.

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