Tidal “Doing Just Fine” States Jay-Z…but


Radio Facts: tidal-share.e86656feA month ago rapper and business mogul Jay-Z announced the official launch of Tidal, a music streaming service that pays a “75% royalty rate to artists, writers and producers — not just the founding members on stage.” That’s hefty payday for artists, writers and producers and it may make THEM feel great but where is the benefit to consumers? Some who have complained that they are the least bit interested in making millionaires richer by paying more money to hear their music (Tidal). That seems to be the issue plaguing the new company as it continues to grow at a turtle’s pace with 770,000 subscribers compared to the less-priced Spotify which has more than 15 million subscribers. Jay-Z sent out a series of tweets this past weekend reassuring everyone that Tidal is a successful service. Tidal promised exclusive content but sources close to the company state that has proven to be difficult.Jay announced today that he will be hosting an exclusive concert in New York City solely for Tidal subscribers, Tidal X: Jay Z B-Sides. He be performing and unearthing earlier songs from his catalogue. He will also include tracks that either have never been performed onstage, or haven’t been part of his tour in a decade.We will keep you posted.

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