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The Warren Ballentine Show Cancelled

Copyright Charles Votaw Photography 2006, Inc. has opted to cancel motivational speaker, attorney, political activist, and host ’s nationally syndicated radio show in light of what the show host described as a “witch hunt”.

“To all of you who are showing support”, said Ballantine: “Thank you!! I’m innocent!” The Chicago’s south side native was, as reported by , indicted last week based on allegations of six separate charges resulting in a $10 million dollar federal mortgage indictment accusation. Ballentine attended colleges in North Carolina and Ohio.

As a radio personality, Ballentine persuaded his listeners to be proactive in their respective communities. His show was syndicated in 37 different media markets. In response to the cancellation, Ballentine proclaimed: “I may be off the air for now, but I’m going to fight to clear my name.”

Radio One owns and operates 69 radio stations in 22 cities in the U.S.A.. The disgraced personality said he’s “so thankful to those who know I didn’t do this.”

Ballentine faces thirty years incarceration as well as a $1 million dollar fine if convicted for the six separate federal offenses. Ballentine speculated: “I guess I will be homeless soon.”

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F. Cross February 8, 2013 at 8:28 am

I’m kinda in rejoice that it was cancelled. I like the show, don’t get me wrong. But, his 30 minute infomercials for DebtStoppers was absolutely a leach to the Black community. Who knows how many family’s he sent straight to the bankruptcy courts off of his recommendations. Not the financial savy ones, but the majority, who are the ones who would bankrupt $800 and destroy their next 10years. He was straight up crooked on that front.

rebel_217 February 11, 2013 at 9:48 am

His show was informative. But lets not forget that he was a business man. His show wasn’t any different than other talk show hosts pushing “their” products and services. The good definitely outweighed the bad with him, in my opinion. He decided to cover some provocative subject matter which may have ultimately caused his demise. He will be missed. Bankruptcy has been used for many years to get back on track. I know many “others” who have filed several times and haven’t had it ruin them financially for 7-10 yrs. Ultimately, you have to do your homework, and have a plan before and after you file.


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