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The Undeniable 7 Best Black Male Singers of All Time…?

Best Black Male Singers:

Who are the Best Black Male Singers? Perhaps a great part of great talent is great pain. I realized at least five of the women on yesterday’s list had suffered from some kind of addiction problem and four of the seven men on this list have also suffered from addiction. It proves that all that glitters is not gold and there is another side to show business that people rarely see. This is probably why the show UNSUNG is such a huge hit. Yesterday we did a list of the best female singers, today we do the male list do you agree with our choices? Comment if you like… Click NEXT below for more of the story.

Best Black Male Singers: He may have had some major ego issues and he may not have gotten along with the other Temptations but NOBODY can deny that David Ruffin could sing. It’s most unfortunate the all too familiar drug addiction situation destroyed his chances at a greater career as a solo artist but his music with the Temptations will be etched with a permanent place in the great history of music.

Best Black Male Singers:
Luther was an amazing vocalist spending over a decade behind the scenes recording for Chic, Change and background for Roberta Flack before finally getting his own record deal after Flack fired him and took him to Larkin Arnold to sign him on Epic in the early 80s. The rest, as they say, is history. Luther was a smash out the gate with a stellar resume of music to follow years later.

Best Black Male Singers: Truly one of the greatest vocalist in the history of music. His early 70s music when he claimed he was completely high off weed was when he did his BEST material. Marvin’s personal life was always up and down and his relationship with his father, who eventually shot him to death was incredibly strained. In one of his biographies, he claimed no matter how much he achieved, his father was never impressed. It’s amazing how some people’s relationships with their own parents can be so destructive.

Best Black Male Singers: His gospel vocals transcended to R&B and made him a huge star. There has never been anyone like him. His untimely death/murder was most unfortunate. He certainly had a lot more hits left in him.

Best Black Male Singers: Once Sam Cooke’s best friend, Bobby’s interpretation of songs hit the nail on the head so hard you can actually feel what he is singing about. No other man on this list can take a song and do what Womack is able to do with it.

Best Black Male Singers: Bryson was underrated. I once saw him in concert sing Marvin Gaye’s “I Want You.” He sang it in a higher key and while most would agree that Marvin’s material should not be remade… Peabo should have recorded that version, it was that great and different from the original. Peabo’s range is probably the best out of all the singers on this list but some of his best R&B work rarely hit but he had huge success with his pop duets in the 80s and 90s. His album I Am Love is some of his best work and it flopped.

Phillip Bailey

Best Black Male Singers: Philip Bailey was extremely underrated. His amazing falsetto voice was certainly featured all over Earth Wind and Fire’s greatest hits but by the time he left the group to pursue a solo career his biggest hit was with Phil Collins “Easy Lover” but then he was rarely heard from again and later rejoined EW&F. SEE THE UNDENIABLE 10