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The TRUTH about Malaco Records post Tornado (plus video)

 width=MANY sites, papers and are reporting the damage at Malaco records incorrectly. It is true that three of the facilities were completely destroyed including their recording studio. The warehouse was damaged but is currently being repaired and the   vault containing their masters was damaged, but THEIR MASTERS ARE FINE.   I have never seen Malaco get so much press and credit for their amazing blues history from so many news sources simultaneously. Malaco is a client and we are glad everyone is safe and wish them a speedy recovery. We are currently advertising one of their for the   single “ Made Me.”

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  1. We appreciate all the great Gospel sounds from Malaco Records and thank God that all personnel was spared and are safe. We look for a “bounce back” from Malaco Records.
    You are in our prayers.
    Your Radio Angel
    WFUN Foxy 95.5FM – St.Louis, MO


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