The Three-date Rule: How It Looks Like in a Modern Society?



The three-date rule has been gaining widespread popularity recently. Using this rule, you will be able to win the heart of any woman in the shortest possible time. It was originally invented to get the lady into bed quickly. Following these rules, 50% of third dates end in sex. So, what should happen on each of the three dates?

The First Date is the Stage of Dating

A man chooses an interesting, suitable woman for senior dating and meets her. He should be as gallant and polite as possible so that the lady wants to meet him again. Never show your prickles on the first date: your task is to get her attention, interest, even intrigue her. Also, a man should not reveal all his cards at once. He should pay more attention to the woman, show a sincere interest in her and in what she does.

A man should remain a bit of a mystery to her. Having thus aroused the lady’s interest, she will look forward to the next meeting. After getting a positive response to the second date, try to leave immediately. Exchange your contact details and in the evening, send some nice text message. It is better if at least three days pass by the second date. During this time, you can understand the sincerity of feelings and interest in each other.

The Second Date is the Time for Pleasant Surprises

You should come with flowers or with some nice gifts. Women love surprises and like to be surprised. Ladies love compliments, so try to give them much more often. Say you missed her terribly since your last date. Ask how she is doing, how her mood and health are, whether she has problems at work, with relatives or friends, etc. Have a heart-to-heart talk, let her trust you. At this stage, you need to show the woman that she is really interesting to you. In return, she will also want to know more about you. 

Accidentally touch her, take her hand, kiss her tender fingers. When giving another compliment, lightly hint that she is very hot, and you want to get to know her better. If on the first date, for some reason, the kiss did not take place, then in no case can you wait for the third one. Kiss her with as much passion as possible. Show that you have a genuine interest in her as a person. Otherwise, she may think that you only want sex with her. This behavior can seriously scare her off, and it is even possible that she will no longer agree to the third date.

The Third Date Is the Time for Romance

You should create a romantic atmosphere: music and candles will be just right. In this situation, the lady will soon let her guard down and will be able to relax a little. When she thinks that she is safe and can influence what is happening, she will be able to do what she wants: completely relax and loosen up, surrender to her own feelings and desires.


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